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Athletics and Booze

If you’ve ever read this blog before, you probably know that my perfect weekend includes a combination of some sort of quasi-athletic activity accompanied by some post activity pub crawling. You know what’s even better? When the two activities are combined, which is why I think I was drawn to the idea of pedicycles from

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100 Things to do in Pennsyvlania (Part II)

Last year around this time I decided to “celebrate” my 100th blog post by coming up with a list of “100 Things to do in Pennsylvania.” It ended up being much easier than I anticipated, which is good considering that one of my main purposes of my site is to celebrate and explore all the things do within our own

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4th of July Week in Pictures…Very Limited Pictures

As noted in my previous post, I was camping in upstate New York over the 4th of July Weekend (I’m actually not sure whether last weekend or the weekend prior was considered the “4th weekend”, but just go with it). I went in with the intention of taking alot of photographs, especially on the drive between Narrowsburg,

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Kittatiny Canoe Rafting & Camping: Literally the Easiest Trip To Plan & Execute

Whenever I tell people that my friends and I have an annual camping/rafting trip to New York, the reactions are usually somewhere along the lines of “wow you guys are hardcore” or “I’d never be able to rough it for a weekend and do whitewater.”  Occasionally I let whoever I’m talking to think I’m some backwoods

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Summer Plans

I feel like it’s officially summer now.  Even though I got out of school on June 8th, last week was spent grading papers, cleaning out my classroom, and then traveling first to good old NEPA for some errands/appointments.  This weekend was spent in Philly for my sister’s graduation from Drexel.  Not a ton to report

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Bethel NY

In my last post, I shared my impending 90’s megatour in Bethel, New York.  I’m taking a school bus from my hometown up for the night with a group of friends, which is fun because we won’t have to spend money on lodging, no DUI’s, and drinking on a school bus is more fun then

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