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My Top Pennsylvania Craft Beer Itineraries

You could hardly go online anymore without seeing headlines for “Best US City for Beer” or “Best Beer State,” and new ale trails seem to be popping up everywhere. We’re definitely in the peak of this craft beer boom that you have to be blind not to realize is going on around us, and while

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Athletics and Booze

If you’ve ever read this blog before, you probably know that my perfect weekend includes a combination of some sort of quasi-athletic activity accompanied by some post activity pub crawling. You know what’s even better? When the two activities are combined, which is why I think I was drawn to the idea of pedicycles from

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Xfinity Live!

I’m going to be honest, hate the exclamation point in “Xfinity Live!”  Locations shouldn’t have puncutation.  Just sharing my opinion, moving on. “Xfinity Live!”, or what I from here on out will refer to as the Xfinity Center, is the entertainment center in Philadelphia located in the South Philly Sports Complex where the Spectrum used to be. 

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