Contribute to PA Weekend Fun

Pennsylvania is a big place and I could only cover so much of it, so at this time I’d be happy to have guest bloggers come in and provide readers with what they consider to be some “PA Weekend Fun.”

Unfortunately, I make no money off of this blog, so cannot offer any form of payment for any blogs. I will include links to your website or social media account(s) and do my best to promote your work through mine. Essentially I’m looking for other like-minded individuals who want to share their travel/travel ideas with the general public.

If you’d like to write, please first take some time at the rationale behind the blog.  This is a Pennsylvania-based travel/lifestyle blog, so content should reflect that. Check out the sort of things I cover. I probably won’t be covering Pennsylvania based antiquing or fall foliage tours anytime in the future, unless there’s some sort of interesting spin on them.  I also cater to the working professional. I’m not looking to bankrupt anyone but at the same time, am not a complete budget traveler.

While I provide a lot of ideas for weekend trips that I’ve never taken, I’m looking for people who have firsthand knowledge or experiences. While I focus on Pennsylvania, much of my traveling occurs outside of this state, I frequently cover exploits in New York, Maryland, New Jersey and Massachusetts that could easily be a weekend trip for a Pennsylvania resident.

Essentially, I’m looking for the following things (although I’m pretty open to suggestions):

  • New Pennsylvania locations we haven’t covered (especially western PA).
  • A vacation in Pennsylvania you loved.
  • Outdoor activities (riverboarding, snowshoeing, bouldering) or athletics.
  • A weekend fun guide to your PA hometown.
  • Favorite weekend getaways.
  • Vacation narratives from Pennsylvania natives.
  • New tours/businesses.
  • Brewery/wineries.
  • “Weird” PA attractions (abandoned tunnels, “haunted” houses, etc).
  • Interesting PA history with a modern day tie-in.
  • Out of state locations that can make a reasonable weekend getaway.
  • Alternative travel arrangements (couchsurfing, hosteling, yurts, etc).
  • International trips by PA residents (not so much “an ex-pat’s look into Bogota” but “My week-long New Zealand itinerary).

If you’re interested in writing OR you’d like us to cover your tour company/hotel/event etc, please fill out the form below and describe to me what you’d like to write about and why it’d be relevant for what I’m doing with this blog.

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