Month: June 2015

10 Things I’d like to do Next Time I Visit Colorado

I spent Memorial Day weekend out in Colorado– Boulder, and nearby Estes Park, to be exact. This was my first time “out west” so to speak (Vegas is a pseudo-fictionalized adult playground and does not count), and I was impressed. I don’t think we went anywhere that wasn’t gorgeous; everything looked fake, in the best

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Martha’s Vineyard Day 2: Chappaquiddick and the Time I Failed a Moped Safety Test

There’s still one day left of my summer 2015 Cape Cod/Martha’s Vineyard saga. When we left off, I was on a very strange taxi ride home from downtown Oaks Bluff, to our hotel, the Island Inn, and after three full days of Narragansett and super sun exposure, I wasn’t feeling great when I woke up

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