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Weekly Check In: A New Lobster Roll Experience

I haven’t really checked in on a weekly basis, because somehow this August became BUSY. The fact that the month is almost over is surprising and upsetting. I finally thought I’d have a chance this week to get some posts I’ve been working on churned out, but this really might just be it. I spent

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Weekend Trip Idea: Portland Maine

A few weeks ago my cousin texted me to say he was in Portland Maine and that I should write about it for one of the weekend trip ideas.  I said great send me some pictures and he did not, mainly because he’s a dick, so here we have this pictureless Portland post. Portland, a city

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Weekend Trip Idea: Millinocket Maine

I’ve been unsuccessfully trying to visit Maine now for the better part of two years.  My three main draws being: the scenery, adventure sports, and most importantly the chance the devour several fresh Maine lobster rolls. One problem with Maine is that it is a pretty sizable drive from Pennsylvania, yet close enough that flying

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