Month: November 2017

On Not Having to Repeat the Past

Last week I wrote about a negative story about revisiting the past. It was about looking back on something that I wasn’t fond of, but ultimately though might’ve made me a better person. Today I’m also going to write about revisiting the past again, but about revisiting a happy time. I’m going to be writing

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Weekly Check In: Reflections on One Year Ago

Editor’s note: I wrote this at approximately 10:00 PM on Wednesday, November 8th, but am just publishing it now, on Friday, November 9th, which will make it a little less timely, and probably kill some of the hypothetical Twitter zeitgeist I could’ve accumulated, but I had a busy week at work, and I’m a slow

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Hickory Run State Park Shenanigans

The hike to Hawk Falls in Hickory Run State Park is a particularly beautiful one, especially in the fall, and especially on a sunny, crisp, 50-something degree day like this past Saturday.  It’s a gentle downhill descent through an abundance of multi-colored foliage, the bulk of which hadn’t yet been shed (shout out to global

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