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Irish Weekend or FarmAid?

The weekend of September 21-22 brings a big choice for those of you entrenched with me in southeastern PA: FarmAid or Irish Weekend? I received texts/Facebook inquiries about both these events while I was overseas and was smart enough to wait until returning home to do some research for responding to them (I wasn’t that smart

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Down the Shore Everything’s Alright: A Day in Sea Isle City

In Defense of the Jersey Shore I’m still in severe recovery mode from my annual trip to Sea Isle City, New Jersey as I type this.  I have a slight Irish tan (read: semi severe burn) on my shoulders, no voice, a ringing in ears that will not stop, severe dehydration (from both sun and

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Harrisburg’s Hidden Celtic Music Scene

I spent the latter part of my last post lamenting how Irish pubs and St. Patrick’s Day events don’t play enough Irish music.  It looks like I may have spoken too soon. Last night I drove up to Harrisburg to go out with a buddy of mine from home who lives down there.  Harrisburg’s an

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