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Weekend Trip Idea: Irish Weekend

If you haven’t been able to tell I’m pretty obsessed with St. Patrick’s Day, Parade Day and all things Irish, so it’s crazy to me that I haven’t been to Irish Weekend in Wildwood yet. My one buddy has been trying to drag me there for years but it just so happens that stuff always comes

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Weekend Trip Idea: New Hope Pennsylvania

September is almost always a lull for me.  It’s the first month back to work which always leaves me exhausted, so exhausted that instead of getting out of work on Friday and rushing headfirst into the weekend I sometimes find myself in bed and completely zonked out by 8 or 9.  I’m also usually pretty broke by

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Irish Weekend or FarmAid?

The weekend of September 21-22 brings a big choice for those of you entrenched with me in southeastern PA: FarmAid or Irish Weekend? I received texts/Facebook inquiries about both these events while I was overseas and was smart enough to wait until returning home to do some research for responding to them (I wasn’t that smart

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