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Lake Placid Winter Fun Trip 2013

I officially want to be a ski bum. I said so last year when we went to Lake Placid the first time, and I only feel stronger about it after this weekend.  I’m writing this from bed.  I haven’t properly slept since Thursday and muscles in my legs I didn’t even know existed are on fire.   

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Pennsylvania Rock Gyms

I don’t have a subscription to Outside Magazine, but I probably should.  Not only do I end up grabbing a new copy at Barnes & Noble almost every month when I go in for a walk through, but I actively look for the next issue to come out. While it can sometimes border on too

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A Sober-ish Fun Day

Planning a Soberish Fun Day I meant to start this post Sunday, but my body has literally prevented me. I believe I’ve posted before how I try and have “sober fun weekends” every once in a while, to convince myself there is no problem.   I try and find some sort of activity (preferably outdoors) which

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