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Weekly Check In: Some Chill Summer Reads

My brother and I went up to Lake Placid over the elongated holiday weekend.  On Monday we did a fourteen mile loop hike to Mount Colden.  That night, while fireworks went off in the distance, and the campsites around us blared music and drank beer, we were both firmly ensconced in our beds by approximately 7:30.

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Pennsylvania Rock Gyms

I don’t have a subscription to Outside Magazine, but I probably should.  Not only do I end up grabbing a new copy at Barnes & Noble almost every month when I go in for a walk through, but I actively look for the next issue to come out. While it can sometimes border on too

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Run For Your Life and Other PA Zombie Runs

As far as races go, the trend thats been dominating the past couple of years is mud-runs.  It seems that every few weeks somebody I know on Facebook pops up with pictures from a Spartan Race or Tough Mudder.  Even my mother has been in one.   My buddy and I just signed up for a Tough Mudder in

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