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100 Things to do in Pennsyvlania (Part II)

Last year around this time I decided to “celebrate” my 100th blog post by coming up with a list of “100 Things to do in Pennsylvania.” It ended up being much easier than I anticipated, which is good considering that one of my main purposes of my site is to celebrate and explore all the things do within our own

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Windsurfing in PA

I’ve always wanted to try windsurfing.  I think it’s because I always had ambitions of trying to actually surf but my brother has transferred his somewhat irrational fear of Jaws on to me which wouldn’t ever allow me to feel comfortable floating in the ocean (that and Shark Week really messed with me this year).  Windsurfing

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Pennsylvania Rock Gyms

I don’t have a subscription to Outside Magazine, but I probably should.  Not only do I end up grabbing a new copy at Barnes & Noble almost every month when I go in for a walk through, but I actively look for the next issue to come out. While it can sometimes border on too

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