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Day Trips from Philly

Occasionally I forget that this is a Pennsylvania-centric blog. I usually catch myself when something like 8 posts in a row aren’t celebrating the Keystone State in any way. Now, in my own defense, when I created this very Pennsylvania-centric blog, I purported to not only feature my home state, but easy trips to take

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Things I Wished I Did While I Lived in Central PA (aka reasons to visit)

As highlighted in my last post, I’m somewhat unceremoniously moving from Lancaster, PA, where I’ve lived and worked for the past five years, back to the little known town of Browndale, PA (which is right next to Forest City, which is just north of Carbondale, which is close to Scranton, if you need a point

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Windsurfing in PA

I’ve always wanted to try windsurfing.  I think it’s because I always had ambitions of trying to actually surf but my brother has transferred his somewhat irrational fear of Jaws on to me which wouldn’t ever allow me to feel comfortable floating in the ocean (that and Shark Week really messed with me this year).  Windsurfing

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