Category: I’m Getting Old

On Not Having to Repeat the Past

Last week I wrote about a negative story about revisiting the past. It was about looking back on something that I wasn’t fond of, but ultimately though might’ve made me a better person. Today I’m also going to write about revisiting the past again, but about revisiting a happy time. I’m going to be writing

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The Dying NEPA Picnic Scene

Growing up in NEPA,  summertime always meant picnic season. If you want to know the ins and outs of what exactly it is and what picnics are still occurring check out my post from last summer, but in the meantime, here’s the abridged version: NEPA has a long history of volunteer fire departments and various (mostly) Catholic

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On Making Moves and “Weekend Projects”

I’m Old As Dirt You know that Will Ferrel quote from Old School, the one where he talks about his “big Saturday” visiting Home Depot for wall paper and flooring, and possibly making it to Bed Bath & Beyond if they have enough time?  I feel like I’ve somewhat hit the point in my life,

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