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2014 Recap & New Year’s Resolutions Checklist

Every new year I make a list of things I’d like to accomplish for the new years (obviously these are all travel/leisure/blogging based-even though I am striving to eat more fruits and vegetables and vowing to curtail buying rounds of drinks for semi-acquaintances you won’t be reading about them here). Every year before posting these

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Oktoberfesting Yearlong in Philadelphia

I think it’s a real shame I haven’t been to the real Oktoberfest yet. It’s basically an epitome of everything I love: beer, singing, drinking beer and singing while dancing on table tops, polka-like beats (blame growing up in NEPA on that one), bratwursts and group chants, but sadly due to budgetary restraints and the fact that since I have

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The Faux Bachelor Party

My friends and I frequently have the “who can we marry off” conversation, not because we necessarily want our friends to start getting hitched, but because we want a wedding we could all attend.  As far as I’m concerned, weddings have little to no negative aspects, especially if you’re  attending as a guest.  There’s the

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