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Grab Bag Weekend Trips

I first heard of, what I’m going to dub “Grab-bag Weekend Trips” in the book Die Happy: 499 Things Every Guys Gotta Do While He Still Can, which I highly recommend any guy (and girl) who enjoys planning fun weekend stuff, like I do, to purchase.  You can get it here. A grab bag weekend

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My Summer Trunk

Memorial Day Weekend is the traditional summer kickoff.  Due to all the money I’m already set to spend this summer (thanks, Ireland),  I decided to have a low key four days.  I did a day trip to Gettysburg yesterday (which will be my next post), and am going to Marsh Creek for a few hours

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Christmas Sweater Bar Crawl

Ugly Christmas sweater parties are nothing new or revolutionary, I’ll admit to this. What they are, is a lot of fun. Two years ago my friends and I started our first annual Ugly Christmas Sweater Bar Crawl, held sometime between Christmas and New Years so that those living outside of NEPA (myself) can participate. The

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