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Planning a Solid Group Weekend Trip

I legitimately enjoy planning vacations and weekend trips (which is partially how this blog got started). I like researching different places to go and things to do. I enjoy putting together hypothetical itineraries and bothering my friends with over-wordy Facebook messages describing said hypothetical itineraries. I like being in charge and like organizing things (some might use the

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Seeing Vs. Doing

One of the problems I always have when planning some of the bigger trips is the ever present dilemma of doing versus seeing. Allow me to elaborate while also showing off how international I am. My past two “big” trips were Ireland and Iceland. I was in Ireland for a little bit over two weeks and for that

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Grab Bag Weekend Trips

I first heard of, what I’m going to dub “Grab-bag Weekend Trips” in the book Die Happy: 499 Things Every Guys Gotta Do While He Still Can, which I highly recommend any guy (and girl) who enjoys planning fun weekend stuff, like I do, to purchase.  You can get it here. A grab bag weekend

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