Why PA is Cool

Some Reasons Pennsylvania Is Cool:

  • It’s the sixth most populous state in the country, so there’s a lot of people to meet and interact with, but only the 33rd most extensive, so it’s easy to explore the entire state.
  • The Office takes place here (I don’t know if that’s still cool, or relevant outside Scranton). If The Office doesn’t do it for you, we also have Boy Meets World, and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, plus that guy who was west Philadelphia born and raised, who spent his days on the playground chillin’ out and relaxing.  Plus, you know that scene in Home Alone where Mrs. McAllister (Kevin’s mom..cmon) ends up stuck at an airport and is rescued by a kindly polka band? That happened in Scranton.
  • PA is chock full of colleges: technical, private, state school, two or four years.  College towns equal good times.
  • Pennsylvania is known as the snack capital of the United States.  The pretzel, chocolate, potato chip, and ketchup industries are based here.
  • Pennsylvania may not be making strides in organic healthful or trendy cooking, but let’s face it, when it comes down to straight up deliciousness, you can’t beat PA cuisine: cheese steaks (Philly and Pittsburgh style), pierogies, kielbasa, water ice, the smorgasbords of Lancaster, hoagies, and some of the best pizza, wings, and bar food that you’ll ever eat.  It’s not going to get you shapely (unless you want to be round), but it sure tastes great.
  • There are currently 111 licensed breweries in Pennsylvania, Yuengling being the most prominent.  This doesn’t take into account brewpubs (restaurants that brew their own beer, but don’t distribute).
  • PA had the first hospital, zoo, library, TV broadcast, radio broadcast, and high speed turnpike.  Pretty impressive.
  • PA is a great place for outdoor activity: hiking, camping, ziplining, mountain climbing, etc.  There’s also a ton of rivers and lakes great for white water rafting, kayaking, paddleboarding, and windsurfing (which was invented on the Susquehanna River).
  • At 446, Pittsburgh has more bridges than any other city in the world.  It’s impressive to behold and if bridges are your thing (they aren’t mine) then knock yourself out.
  • Jim Thorpe and Lititz regularly makes it onto national “Coolest Small Town” lists.
  • PA (Eastern PA specifically) is central to almost every major city in the Northeast.  Philly and Pittsburgh are in the state limits, with New York, Boston, Baltimore, and Washington all within an easy day trip’s drive.

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