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Oktoberfesting Yearlong in Philadelphia

I think it’s a real shame I haven’t been to the real Oktoberfest yet. It’s basically an epitome of everything I love: beer, singing, drinking beer and singing while dancing on table tops, polka-like beats (blame growing up in NEPA on that one), bratwursts and group chants, but sadly due to budgetary restraints and the fact that since I have

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Weekend Trip Idea: Army/Navy Game Weekend

This weekend is the 123rd annual Army Navy Game, which after a brief hiatus to DC, will once be held at Philadelphia’s Lincoln Financial Field. This annual football outing, which was first held in 1890, is a fierce competition between the Army’s Black Knights and Navy Midshipmen usually held on the second Saturday in December.

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Xfinity Live!

I’m going to be honest, hate the exclamation point in “Xfinity Live!”  Locations shouldn’t have puncutation.  Just sharing my opinion, moving on. “Xfinity Live!”, or what I from here on out will refer to as the Xfinity Center, is the entertainment center in Philadelphia located in the South Philly Sports Complex where the Spectrum used to be. 

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