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A Small Taste of Bethlehem

It took great restraint to not title this post, “Oh Little Town of Bethlehem,” and I’m proud of myself for showing that restraint. So, this past weekend, I spent just a little bit of time in Bethlehem, PA, which, if you aren’t familiar, is located in the Lehigh Valley just off both 22, and 78,

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Day Trips from Philly

Occasionally I forget that this is a Pennsylvania-centric blog. I usually catch myself when something like 8 posts in a row aren’t celebrating the Keystone State in any way. Now, in my own defense, when I created this very Pennsylvania-centric blog, I purported to not only feature my home state, but easy trips to take

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Gettysburg in Pictures

Last week I paid for the majority of my Ireland trip.  It left a pretty devastating hole in my bank account I’ve been trying not to look at.  I decided I should probably put in my head that my four day Memorial Day weekend would have to be cheap; I even considered using it as a work weekend.

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