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A Small Taste of Bethlehem

It took great restraint to not title this post, “Oh Little Town of Bethlehem,” and I’m proud of myself for showing that restraint. So, this past weekend, I spent just a little bit of time in Bethlehem, PA, which, if you aren’t familiar, is located in the Lehigh Valley just off both 22, and 78,

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The Pedal Bar

Take a look at this music video.  Besides being a phenomenal song, what jumps out at you?  If you’re anything like me, you took one look at the bicycle/drinking contraption they’re riding around on and said to yourself, “I need that in my life.” My friend Kelsey and my brother introduced me to “One More

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A Scrantastic Weekend Getaway: Things to Do in Scranton

I spent four years living and five years going to school in Scranton. I’m still mildly obsessed with my experience at The University of Scranton and will leave you with that disclaimer before continuing with the rest of this post. I remember once during my tenure at Scranton, a bunch of us were out and

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