The Pedal Bar


Take a look at this music video.  Besides being a phenomenal song, what jumps out at you?  If you’re anything like me, you took one look at the bicycle/drinking contraption they’re riding around on and said to yourself, “I need that in my life.”

My friend Kelsey and my brother introduced me to “One More Drinking Song” back in October. I quickly became obsessed with the song, but it wasn’t until December that I watched the video and my obsession with the song became an obsession with finding where I could ride one of these glorious vehicles.  It’s sadly taken me until now to figure out how to imbed a youtube video into a post.  Sad, right?

I did conducted several yahoo searches on “bike bar contraptions” or “drinking on a bar with pedals” before I found real star of the video: the Nashville Pedal Tavern.

Pedal Taverns are popular in Europe where they’re primarily used for bachelor/bachelorette (or stag/hen as the UK sits refere to them) parties.  It really seems to be the ideal way to barhop.  The average pedal tavern, or party bike, fits sixteen people, has an operator on board to steer (just in case) and an Ipod dock.  Minneapolis was the first US city to import one, with  Chicago and St. Petersburg, Fl following close behind.  Today you can also find pedal bars in Houston and Denver.

The cool thing about the Nashville bar is that you can rent it as a group, but also purchase a seat at $30.00 a pop if you’re just in town visiting.  The tour lasts two hours.

I’m highlighting the Nashville Pedal Tavern as it was both featured in the music video, and at 12 hours (I’m estimating from my current location in Lancaster) is the closest for residents of eastern PA.  Would I base a trip off riding on this? Absolutely.  With Nashville’s musical reputation I don’t think it’d be a wasted trip.

If I have enough funds left over once I square away my kayaking and Ireland trips, you’ll be seeing firsthand accounts of this by the summer’s end.

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