Top Ten USA Wishlist


Now that I’ve give you my top ten international wish list, here’s my domestic version: 10 places in the good old US of A I’d like to see most.

When I was in Ireland a lot of the people pondered why so few Americans ventured abroad.  I maintained that we have more than enough places to visit on our own soil. It’s true.

1) Nashville

Ever since viewing Jerrod Nieman’s music video for “One More Drinking Song“, I’ve been obsessed with visiting to ride the Nashville Pedal Tavern.  This wanting has been exacerbated recently since I’ve read this great account in Men’s Journal and had a friend give Nashville rave reviews.

2) Austin

Another entry on my New Year’s list that did not come to fruition. Austin has more live music per capita than any city in the US (Nashville’s a close second) and the city’s unofficial motto is “keep Austin weird.”  How could you not want to visit?

3) Boulder

While I think I’m definitely a little too lowbrow and trashy to reside in Boulder (one of the most health conscious cities in the US) it’s still one of my top US destinations.  Boulder is known for its microbreweries, hiking, and outdoor activities and is supposed to be a very clean, attractive city that would give my beloved Scranton, Philly, and Pittsburgh, a self conscious complex.

4) Maine

I realize that most of these items are cities, but I’d like to road trip through Maine for a variety of reasons.  Namely, it’s one of the only New English states I’ve never been to (the other is New Hampshire..sorry New Hampshire I just don’t have a big want..).  From what I’ve seen in pictures,, Maine is gorgeous, Portland is supposed to be a really cool seaside town, I’d like to have lobster rolls be my regular lunch all week, and I’ve already dedicated a post to the Millinocket area.

5) Asheville NC

I’ve chronicled my want to go to Asheville several times on this blog.  You can read in those posts why.  I think out of all of these, this is the one I need to make happen first.

6) New Orleans

Who doesn’t want to go to New Orleans? No open container laws, Mardi Gras, voodoo, and a strange history are the big draws for me.

7) Savannah

Savannah Georgia is in constant competition with Scranton.  to be home of the third largest St. Patrick’s Day parade in the country.  I need to see this to believe that a city well below the Mason Dixon Line could even compete in that field.

8) Dunton Hot Springs

I’m going to include one getaway that’s way beyond my price range.  Dunton Hot Springs is a restored ghost town set high in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado.  I’m not usually one for a luxury resort (And Dunton is a luxury resort with $1400 double occupancy booking), but here you stay in restored log cabins in the middle of nowhere surrounded by a bevy of natural hot springs.  Could you imagine going there in the winter for some skiing/snowshoeing followed by a dip?

9) Hawaii

It’s cliché but Hawaii needs to be on the list.  I think it’s self explanatory why I want to go here, and being Facebook friends with people in Hawaii only makes it that much more pressing.

10) The Rural South

I don’t really care where, but I want to take a road trip through the rural south, be it Louisiana, Tennessee, Georgia, or Kentucky.  I want to boycott major metropolitan areas, only stay at roadside motels with diners attached, stop at scary-fun bars, and just encounter a lot of weirdness in general.

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