NEPA Party Bike

Hanging out on the now christened "NEPA Party Bike" during one if its inaugural runs this past 4th of July.
Hanging out on the now christened “NEPA Party Bike” during one if its inaugural runs this past 4th of July.

Three years ago my brother introduced me to Jerrod Nieman’s “One More Drinking Song” and I quickly became obsessed. A few weeks later I saw the music video and became newly obsessed with the bike-like contraption he’s singing on around downtown Nashville. I found that it’s a vehicle known as a pedicycle (also known/marketed as pedal taverns, pedal pubs, pedal bars, bierbars etc, depending on where you are) originally created in the Netherlands and slowly gaining traction in the US. I created a post talking about my research and how I wanted to ride one.

Two years later, imagine my delight when I found Big Red Pedal tours on twitter. They’re a pedicycle operating out of Philadelphia, running both historical tours and pub crawls. I contacted them and went on my first outing last September. I also did some background research and learned that these Pedal Bars were becoming increasingly popular. When I did my initial pedicycle post, I found a few in Texas, as well as the Nashville Pedal Tavern. Now, they popped up all over the southern states, were very popular in Great Lakes region/Midwest and were gaining traction in the Pacific Northwest. Ohio has two, Pittsburgh has competing companies and Philadelphia rounded out the northern states who were getting into the action.

I was surprised that this pedal bar craze wasn’t just a southern thing, as who’d want to ride one in the middle of winter? Turns out this guy did, because just this February we rode the Big Red Pedal Bike a second time for my sister’s birthday, and that outing will end up falling into contention for my best day of the year.

Fast forward to this spring, and I’m home visiting one weekend, when I hear that my uncle, inspired by the Facebook and Instagram photos we’d taken on my sister’s birthday (I wish I could say it was my blog, but I just recently showed it to him) had gone to purchase a pedicycle himself, initially with the intent to take it out to Pittsburgh or Erie. I thought it was good for him; he’s a retired high school principal, and getting an entrepreneurial streak isn’t the worst the thing a retired guy could do with himself.  Anyway, for whatever reason, Erie and Pittsburgh fell through and his pedicycle, which he’s dubbed The NEPA Party bike is now stationed permanently in Northeastern PA.

He’s been hard at work making contacts, planning routes and slowly but surely getting more and more bookings for the “Party Bike.” A lot of people greeted his purchase with a healthy deal of skepticism, especially being here in NEPA, but I always thought there was a market for something of this caliber here, especially if utilized correctly.

The bike at the Forest City "Togetherness Festival" (RIP Old Home Week) Parade this past summer.
The bike at the Forest City “Togetherness Festival” (RIP Old Home Week) Parade this past summer.

I’m probably giving you a lot of unnecessary history, but now will get right the point. Like many guys his age, my uncle is not a whiz with computers, so asked me a couple of weeks ago to look over his website, which I’ve done. We went through it together, and with the help of my cousin at, Supply Interactive, overhauled the whole thing. Take a look at his new website: it looks great (95% of which can be attributed to my talented cousin). If the writing sounds familiar, it’s because it was done by yours truly.

I’ve also been helping him start up and maintain his social media accounts, and update his website’s blog (which will be coming soon), since these are all things I have a little bit experience doing, albeit they not be professionally. I’ve also been helping out with the marketing and setting up contacts in Scranton, where he’s set to launch the bike sometime soon.

Lit up at night outside the Waymart Hotel.
Lit up at night outside the Waymart Hotel.

It feels good to use what I’ve picked up doing this, as essentially a hobby, and help someone out with it in a real way. I’m mentioning this in a post, because I’ll probably be promoting it quite a bit on my social media channels as well, and I wanted to be upfront with my involvement. This specific business is not written without bias, as I’m invested in this succeeding.

The Party Bike logo.
The Party Bike logo.

That being said, I’m real excited to see where this goes. I have a good feeling about it. On top of succeeding in a business sense this is also a unique opportunity to highlight NEPA as a travel destination (which I obviously am 100% behind), help celebrate other local businesses, AND promote causes close to the whole Party Bike team. So stay tuned (and book a ride!).


A POV shot from the back of the Party Bike.
A POV shot from the back of the Party Bike.

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