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Things I Wished I Did While I Lived in Central PA (aka reasons to visit)

As highlighted in my last post, I’m somewhat unceremoniously moving from Lancaster, PA, where I’ve lived and worked for the past five years, back to the little known town of Browndale, PA (which is right next to Forest City, which is just north of Carbondale, which is close to Scranton, if you need a point

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10 Things I’ll Miss About Living in Lancaster

I went through some pretty big life-changes this past summer, namely, in that after five years of teaching high school English at Manheim Central High School in Lancaster County, I’ve decided to resign. The decision felt spur of the moment, and probably wasn’t as meticulously planned as I would have liked (as in, maybe I

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Whip It, Whip It Good

I apologize for the title, but it was just way too easy. I spent a lovely Sunday-funday (which I haven’t participated in, in far too long) at The Whip Tavern, a British pub in Coatesville this past weekend. Now, normally I don’t do singular bar or restaurant reviews, unless it’s a one-stop wonder emporium like

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