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10 Things I’ll Miss About Living in Lancaster

I went through some pretty big life-changes this past summer, namely, in that after five years of teaching high school English at Manheim Central High School in Lancaster County, I’ve decided to resign. The decision felt spur of the moment, and probably wasn’t as meticulously planned as I would have liked (as in, maybe I

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Lancaster Restaurant Week and Ramblings About Being the Worst “Foodie” Ever

For the longest time I’d always seen pictures of various “Restaurant Weeks” popping up all over Facebook, but never quite understood the concept of such a thing. “Why do people need an excuse to go to restaurants?” I wondered.  I eat out whenever I’m too lazy to cook which happens way more than I budget

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“Taste the World”: a Lancaster Food Tour

I’m not a “foodie” by any means (unless your talking about Tom Haverford’s definition of a foodie which consists of Instagramming what you eat…in that case I most certainly am).  I’m terribly picky and have all sorts of strange hang-ups; I generally don’t eat hot vegetables, anything pureed grosses me out, I’ve traditionally been very wary of ethnic

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