“Taste the World”: a Lancaster Food Tour


I’m not a “foodie” by any means (unless your talking about Tom Haverford’s definition of a foodie which consists of Instagramming what you eat…in that case I most certainly am).  I’m terribly picky and have all sorts of strange hang-ups; I generally don’t eat hot vegetables, anything pureed grosses me out, I’ve traditionally been very wary of ethnic food, and I avoid most things labeled “chunky” (except for peanut butter).  Don’t judge.  I’m aware I’m strange.

Noodle King Lancaster PA
I’m a foodie, and a pho fan, I never thought I’d be either.

I’ve realized though, that the older I get the more adventurous I become.  I guess that’s healthy.  I would have never thought that I’d be such a fan of The Noodle King, the Vietnamese restaurant here in Lancaster that sits below my apartment.  It’s really good, super convenient, and open till 4AM on Fridays.  I was there on Saturday afternoon for lunch and on my way out, grabbed a business card for “Taste the World”, a Lancaster food tour.

Lancaster has a pretty good restaurant scene, and while I  haven’t ventured to most of the places, I have always been aware that there is a strong ethnic culinary scene. “Taste the World” is a series of tours, set on specified dates, where one can sample the cuisine from a multitude of locales.  The tour starts at Tellus 360, a really cool store/gallery in downtown Lancaster and then you proceed to the different tastings at your own pace.  The tours are themed: there’s a seafood tour, signature dish tour, and soup tour.  Downtown Lancaster is an interesting place to walk around and if food tasting is your thing, this could be a fun pregame idea with a culinary twist.

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