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A Murphy’s Law Labor Day Weekend

I had a really awesome PA-centric Labor Day weekend roadtrip planned for this past holiday, gearing up to  explore western/central PA, and four PA state parks I’ve had on my bucketlist for a while now. What happened? I ended up essentially spending over 12 hours in the car, to spend less than 24 hours in

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Weekly Check-In: A Super-Pennsylvanian Road Trip

I feel like me typing various iterations of “there’s so many places in Pennsylvania I’ve written about, yet have not visited yet,” is getting old. And it is. So I’m not. Instead, I’m going to share that I’m in the midst of making some very concrete plans to visit four locales I’ve mentioned as wanting

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My PA Weekend Fun 2017 Checklist

I used to begin every year with a list of travel/weekend fun related New Year’s Resolutions, and then end the subsequent year going over each one to see if it was a success or a failure. This was stupid for a couple of reasons.  I almost always had too lofty of expectations, and realistically was setting

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100 Things to do in Pennsyvlania (Part II)

Last year around this time I decided to “celebrate” my 100th blog post by coming up with a list of “100 Things to do in Pennsylvania.” It ended up being much easier than I anticipated, which is good considering that one of my main purposes of my site is to celebrate and explore all the things do within our own

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