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100 Things to do in Pennsyvlania (Part II)

Last year around this time I decided to “celebrate” my 100th blog post by coming up with a list of “100 Things to do in Pennsylvania.” It ended up being much easier than I anticipated, which is good considering that one of my main purposes of my site is to celebrate and explore all the things do within our own

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Bar-B-Que, Art & a Second Round at the Pedal Bar in Philadelphia

I had a very action packed week last week. On the weekend of February 7th, I went to Philadelphia to celebrate my sister’s big 2-5 and then that following Wednesday flew down to Nashville for four days. I’ve basically spent the past two days living either at the gym or outside XC skiing in order

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10 Cheap and Easy Things to do Around Philly

The travel blogging community is certainly a fickle one.  There’s a certain sense of exclusivity and superiority and one-upmanship that permeates it; If you haven’t couchsurfed your way across Bulgaria or eaten street meat in Tai Pei or didn’t spend all of your time in Pittsburgh scouring organic farmer’s markets for local products then you’re not

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Manayunk Riverfest

I’m a big fan of Manayunk, and due to it’s (sort of) close proximity and a few good friends entrenched in it’s hills, I frequently end up there on weekends I promise myself I’m going to stay in Lancaster and save money (2/3rds of my weekends that start with this noble goal don’t end well).

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