Manayunk Riverfest

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I’m a big fan of Manayunk, and due to it’s (sort of) close proximity and a few good friends entrenched in it’s hills, I frequently end up there on weekends I promise myself I’m going to stay in Lancaster and save money (2/3rds of my weekends that start with this noble goal don’t end well).

Mad River is not my favorite Manayunk bar.  It does have a prime river location, but usually has high covers, expensive drinks (in relation to the rest of Manayunk), and the crowd can sometimes get a bit guidified for my taste.  However, Mad River is pretty good out throwing outdoor events utilizing their parking lot and decks.

Every spring, Mad River holds a “Riverfest”, one of these outdoor parties with drink specials, day drinking, and really good live music.  They changed the name to “Riverstock” for some reason this year, and it’s being held this Saturday.  My college buddy texted me last night to inform me I’d be attending with him.  I’m not complaining.

A few things to keep in mind if you wish to attend Riverfest next weekend:

  • It starts at noon, and alot of people will come then.  The specials (2 dollar coors light cans) runs from 12-4.
  • Expect to wait in line and pay a cover.  If you wish to avoid said line, arrive early or after dinner.  Last year we waited a good forty minutes to get inside and the line was not organized well.  Two years prior, we ended up going to Castle Roxx (right up Shurs Lane) and waiting until Mad River was movable.
  • People will go early and get DRUNK, so prepare yourself.  I mean, I like to have a good time, but last year when we got there around 3 (and we were drinking prior), a good portion of the crowd was acting like it was their first time drinking, so if you know this will piss you off, maybe skip.

In case the aforementioned bullets seem like I’m trying to convince you not to attend Riverfest, let me give you some reason it’s fun:

  • They get good bands.  I’m excited to see Secret Service and Go-Go Gadget.
  • Good excuse for day drinking.
  • Alot of people from the Philly area will go.  I usually run into people I haven’t seen for a while.
  • Manayunk has so many options.  If Riverfest sucks, you can just leave and traverse Main St, and be comforted by the fact that even if you feel you didn’t get the most out of your cover, the rest of Manayunk is chock full of deals (just heard reports this afternoon that the American Hotel has $3.00 PBR pounders all day, every day).

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