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10 Cheap and Easy Things to do Around Philly

The travel blogging community is certainly a fickle one.  There’s a certain sense of exclusivity and superiority and one-upmanship that permeates it; If you haven’t couchsurfed your way across Bulgaria or eaten street meat in Tai Pei or didn’t spend all of your time in Pittsburgh scouring organic farmer’s markets for local products then you’re not

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Philadelphia City Pass

If I don’t go out Friday nights I’m normally up by 8:00  or 9:00 Saturday mornings.  It’s partially because work has rid me of the ability to sleep in, partially because I feel like I”m missing out on the day, and partially because over the years I’ve been conditioned to function with very little shut eye.   Waking up

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East State Penitentiary

Have you ever stood around at a tourist attraction and thought to yourself, “well, thank God for these crowds, they’re really enriching this experience”? I’m guessing not, as ideally having a place to yourself would be the way we’d see everything. Philadelphia’s East State Penitentiary may be the exception to this. Looking through a set

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