Weekly Check-In: A Super-Pennsylvanian Road Trip

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I feel like me typing various iterations of “there’s so many places in Pennsylvania I’ve written about, yet have not visited yet,” is getting old. And it is. So I’m not. Instead, I’m going to share that I’m in the midst of making some very concrete plans to visit four locales I’ve mentioned as wanting to visit in this blog, which I’ve yet to get around to until now, and combining all of them into one 3 day weekend, Pennsylvania-centric road trip.

We’ll wake up Friday morning and make the 5 hour trek across Pennsylvania and through upstate New York to visit Erie.  I’m hoping the weather cooperates with us.  My main goal is to check out PA’s coastline, and explore Presque Isle State Park, hopefully by kayak.  Everything else is up in the air.

Saturday, we’ll start making our way back east, and spend the afternoon visiting the Kinzua Bridge State Park, and shitting myself (hopefully, just metaphorically) on its skywalk, before camping for the night at Cherry Springs State Park. Again, so much of this trip hinges on the good weather, as Cherry Springs is renowned for its stargazing.

Sunday will be spent at the PA Grand Canyon, either hiking, kayaking, or possibly both. One of my good friends took her honeymoon here (great idea, right?), so I’m going to have to start pestering her for suggestions. I’d welcome them from anyone. The central and northwestern parts of the state are complete mysteries to me, and I’m excited to finally get to explore them, but aside from our main stops and activities, all I have is this restaurant in Erie, which I’m now dead set on because of the chicken and waffle sandwich on their lunch menu. It me at maple mayo.

For those interested, here’s a nifty little map of the planned route.

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