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Weekend Trip Idea: New Hope Pennsylvania

September is almost always a lull for me.  It’s the first month back to work which always leaves me exhausted, so exhausted that instead of getting out of work on Friday and rushing headfirst into the weekend I sometimes find myself in bed and completely zonked out by 8 or 9.  I’m also usually pretty broke by

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Pennsylvania Oktoberfests

I keep getting the same reaction when I tell people I went to an Oktoberfest this weekend: “that’s weird, it’s only September.” Only, it’s not weird.  It’s reality. The original German Ocktoberfest is mostly in September.  Started in 1810, it’s a sixteen day festival that ends the first Sunday in October.  With 5 million visitors annually, it’s

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Fall Yurt Camping

Story of my life: “I’m going to stay in and have a low-key weekend so I can give my body and bank account a rest” gets tossed aside because of peer pressure.  I don’t know what age this pressure stops at, but I hope it’s soon.  I have the convictions of a thirteen year old

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