Weekend Trip Idea: New Hope Pennsylvania

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September is almost always a lull for me.  It’s the first month back to work which always leaves me exhausted, so exhausted that instead of getting out of work on Friday and rushing headfirst into the weekend I sometimes find myself in bed and completely zonked out by 8 or 9.  I’m also usually pretty broke by September.  I haven’t had a summer yet that’s been kind to bank account.  This past summer’s been no exception, except that now that I’m getting older my body can’t seem to handle all the traveling and eating and booze and a month of laying low/detoxing is more important than ever.

My problem? I don’t know how to say no and my take-it-easy September is rapidly starting to fill up.  This Sunday I’m doing a pedal-pub bar crawl in Philly’s Olde City that I’m super psyched over. My sister reminded me last night that next weekend is Mohegan Sun’s Oktoberfest in Wilkes Barre and I think that after years of missing out I’m being dragged to Irish Weekend in Wildwood this year.  Throw in a birthday party or two and I’ll exit this month no better than I started and October is not the time to be taking a break.

So with the well-intentioned low key plans I had in mind, this week’s installment of the Weekend Trip Idea is a lot more low key than I typically post.  It’s not somewhere I’d probably go for a whole weekend (daytrip, yes), and a good location for a romantic weekend daytrip or somewhere to take your mother. Don’t say I never offered you any variety.

New Hope Pennsylvania is a town of roughly 2500 located in Bucks County across the Delaware River from Lambertville NJ.  I’ve heard of people going to New Hope before for the day but was still surprised to find that it’s main source of income is tourism.

New Hope is a real Saturday morning type destination (which is why I mentioned significant others and mothers) as it’s known for all the restaurants, antique and specialty shops and art galleries that dot its main street, as well as leisurely strolls along the Delaware Canal or across the bridge to Jersey.

New Hope is the actual spot where Washington crossed the Delaware (if you don’t know what I’m referring to you clearly never paid attention in history class…or life) and Washington Crossing Park commemorates just that occasion.

If you need something a bit more exciting after all the walking and shopping and eating try a New Hope Ghost Tour (the town’s supposedly very haunted) or visit the Triumph Brewery for some beer tasting.


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