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Where to Snowshoe in PA

  If you’ve ever even just glanced at my blog, it’s no secret that one of my favorite hobbies to push is cross-country skiing, mainly because it’s so accessible, it’s relatively cheap (once you buy skis), and Pennsylvania is a great place to explore via ski (when it snows that is). This year, however I’ve

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Where to Cross Country Ski in Pennsylvania

It’s pretty much my unofficial goal to become a cross-country ski bum. I’ve outlined before why one of my favorite outdoor activities and am stoked that this winter has been generous with the snow thus far. I think I skied five times last year and two of those required traveling up to Lake Placid for a weekend. I was

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Fall Yurt Camping

Story of my life: “I’m going to stay in and have a low-key weekend so I can give my body and bank account a rest” gets tossed aside because of peer pressure.  I don’t know what age this pressure stops at, but I hope it’s soon.  I have the convictions of a thirteen year old

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