Weekend Trip Idea: Irish Weekend

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If you haven’t been able to tell I’m pretty obsessed with St. Patrick’s Day, Parade Day and all things Irish, so it’s crazy to me that I haven’t been to Irish Weekend in Wildwood yet.

My one buddy has been trying to drag me there for years but it just so happens that stuff always comes up on that weekend.  Two years ago I had a wedding and last year was my buddy’s birthday/housewarming party that I’d committed to months before hand.  The same buddy has basically been yelling at me every time I see him (which is pretty often) that this September I would make myself available the weekend of September 21, 22 & 23rd in order to finally experience Irish Weekend and I’ve done just that.

The Irish Weekend (or Irish Festival) which goes from 9/19/-9/23 this year is touted as the largest Irish festival on the East Coast.  It’s centered around New Jersey avenue and the surrounding pubs and music, food, vendors, crafts and beer tents are set up. The main tent, where the live performances take place opens at 4 and stays rocking until 2:30.  Most pubs have live Irish music as well.  Aside from these festivities the weekend also includes boxing matches, Irish dance lessons, a parade and a 5k run.

Each year the festival gets local (and not so local) Irish bands to come and entertain and it wouldn’t be a south Jersey shore party without Secret Service.  If the main tent gets too crowded for you, try venturing to one of the local bars.


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