Irish Weekend or FarmAid?

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The weekend of September 21-22 brings a big choice for those of you entrenched with me in southeastern PA: FarmAid or Irish Weekend?

I received texts/Facebook inquiries about both these events while I was overseas and was smart enough to wait until returning home to do some research for responding to them (I wasn’t that smart though, my Ireland cell phone bill was $120.00…Irish pubs are terrible places to make financial based decisions).

FarmAid is an annual concert put on by Neil Young, Willie Nelson, John Mellancamp, and Dave Matthews to aid and support the farming industry.  This year they decided to hold the concert in Hershey, PA.  The lineup includes the aforementioned artists as well as Kenny Chesney and Jack Johnson.  The cheapest tickets are $50.00.  It’s held in Hershey Park Stadium.  I’ve seen concerts there before, and even the “bad” seats are decent.  The combination of Kenny Chesney (to date, one of the most fun concerts I’ve seen) and John Mellancamp (I’ve never seen him, but how could John Mellancamp not be fun..he sings everything) really piqued my interest.

Irish Weekend takes place in Wildwood, New Jersey, and one of my friends has sung its praises for a couple of years now.   It’s a celebration of Irish heritage in the famed Jersey Shore town; essentially an excuse to wear green, drink all day, and listen to Irish music.  The bars in town have specials and a main tent is set up with musical performances.  The B-Street Band is the headliner Friday night and Secret Service headlines on Saturday.  If you’ve read any of my other posts you know I’m a fan of both.  These bands, combined with my recent surge of Irish pride caused me to choose Irish Weekend.

Last night I sent out a Facebook message, seeing if I could rally any of the troops to split a hotel room and descent on South Jersey.  I got a response from my friend saying thanks for the invite but that weekend was already designated as his birthday/housewarming party and I was already designated as the grill master (and hopefully DJ..I’m lobbying).

My choice has been made.  I’ll be at neither.  I’ll be at a house party in Conshohocken (probably with a pit stop at Bobby’s Burgers Tavern).  Maybe next year.

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