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Annual Post Thanksgiving Exploration

It’s become a tradition that the Saturday after Thanksgiving my friend Jacki and I go exploring new breweries.  It started two years ago when we decided to try out the then new Irving Cliff Brewery in Honesdale. I also went to the Hotel Wayne (great beer selection), and Kim’s (amazing wings) for the first time that

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Why Upstate is the Best State: Why I Love Upstate NY

New York state encompasses  54,555 square miles. New York City encompasses 305 of those, yet when one talks about New York, or says they are from New York, or visited New York, unless one specifies “upstate,” it’s presumed you’re talking about one of the five boroughs. In part, that makes sense. Whether or not you

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A Boozy Return to Lancaster

After relocating back to my native NEPA last September, I’ve basically been plotting my return to Lancaster. I had several botched attempts, but just one week ago finally made it back. I was super psyched, and even started putting together this post a week before I was set to go, finding links of the new

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