Weekly Check In: Super Cheap Regular International Flights to Places I’d Like to Visit

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After spending money recklessly on travel last year, I told myself I was going to be better this year. If you count not going anywhere internationally, or boarding a plane, than maybe I did what I set out to do, but in general, I was still on the road a lot, still living above my means. I have been better this fall, and am making a concerted effort to lay low this winter (minus a trip up to Lake Placid I’m sure…can’t break the streak now).

I have a couple big trips I want to take in the summer of 2018, and figured I’d keep my laying low into the spring, BUT I just made a discovery that could derail things. Only slightly though.  Newburgh International Airport in Newburgh, New York (an easy two hour drive from my home) has VERY cheap international flights if you don’t mind traveling during the week. They’re through Norwegian Air.  Now, I realize this is a super budget airline, and if I want to bring any real luggage, the price is going to go up, but I think I could rough it out for 2 or 3 days with just the contents of a backpack if I needed.  $250.00 for a long weekend in Bergen, Norway? $200.00 round trip to Belfast? In on both accounts.

I might have to dip into the savings.

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