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Weekly Check In: A New Lobster Roll Experience

I haven’t really checked in on a weekly basis, because somehow this August became BUSY. The fact that the month is almost over is surprising and upsetting. I finally thought I’d have a chance this week to get some posts I’ve been working on churned out, but this really might just be it. I spent

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Weekly Check In: Mail Order Lobster Rolls

One of the saddest things I’ve ever overhead whilst eavesdropping is a man tell his tablemates that the bar we were at serves the freshest, best lobster rolls he’s ever had.  We were sitting on a riverside deck in Milwaukee.  That poor dude thought this was not only the best, but freshest lobster roll he’d ever

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New England Seafood Feasting in Philadelphia

I have to confess something. On its own I find lobster to be overrated. Now, before you get all up in arms, remember that overrated does not mean bad. Lobster is delicious. It’s sweet, it’s light, and drowned in drawn butter, it’s a quintessential summer experience. It’s just that for the amount of money you

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