Weekly Check In: Mail Order Lobster Rolls

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One of the saddest things I’ve ever overhead whilst eavesdropping is a man tell his tablemates that the bar we were at serves the freshest, best lobster rolls he’s ever had.  We were sitting on a riverside deck in Milwaukee.  That poor dude thought this was not only the best, but freshest lobster roll he’d ever had was from a deck-bar on the Milwaukee River.  That’s bleak.

Now, I’m going to make a definitive statement. There’s no way in hell that was the best lobster roll that man would ever eat.  I sort of consider myself to be a lobster roll connoisseur, and can assure you that you need to be in New England proper to eat the best lobster roll you’re ever going to have (I used to think you needed to be in Maine, but New Hampshire proved me wrong).  But with modern technology, in all actuality, this gentlemen may have been consuming a lobster roll that was decent to good, and while it certainly wasn’t fresh from the sea, it could’ve been fresh adjacent.

I start craving lobster rolls in a bad way around this time of year.  I’ve been lucky enough that I’ve made it somewhere in New England the last few summers, and started to scheme as to when I could fit that into the summer of 2017.  What I discovered during my research could prove a game changer.  Did you know that there are multiple outfits that will ship lobster roll kits to you, directly from Maine? Maybe you did. I did not. And I’m intrigued.  I would love to be able to eat one of these home-made bad boys on my back deck, but I’m slightly apprehensive whether or not it’s a worthwhile investment. Guys, lobster rolls are not cheap. That’s why they’re such a treat, and if I’m shelling out close to $100.00 for four of them, I want it to be a life altering experience.

The Lobster Guy is the first one I found, and the price is probably the best, but the meat comes frozen. That’s pretty a much a no, yes? Hancock Gourmet Lobster  Co. looks legit, although I think a trip here may turn expensive. Look at all the other good stuff they have.  You know who I’ll probably end up calling, at least to inquire about pricing, is the Clam Shack, in Kennebunkport, Maine.  The Clam Shack is not an online retailer who ships out fresh seafood. The Clam Shack is an actual New England seafood shack who began starting to ship out fresh lobster roll kits due to popular demand. When I went to Portland 2 summers ago, this was one of the most highly recommended lobster roll joints. We attempted to go there, but got bogged down with traffic, and so skipped, but I remember it.  If the price is right, I’ll probably be sampling some of their rolls. I hope it is, and I hope they live up to expectations.

Has anyone else ever dabbled in mail order lobster rolls? Was it a good experience? Does wanting to do this make me trash? I’m curious for other thoughts.


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