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Martha’s Vineyard Day 2: Chappaquiddick and the Time I Failed a Moped Safety Test

There’s still one day left of my summer 2015 Cape Cod/Martha’s Vineyard saga. When we left off, I was on a very strange taxi ride home from downtown Oaks Bluff, to our hotel, the Island Inn, and after three full days of Narragansett and super sun exposure, I wasn’t feeling great when I woke up

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Ferry Rides, Sun Poisoning, Nude Beaches, and More Narragansett in Martha’s Vineyard

To read about the first days of my Cape Cod/Martha’s Vineyard trip, click here or here. Saturday morning we woke up nice and early, so that we’d be on time for the two hour ferry ride to Martha’s Vineyard. We opted for the 9am ferry, which, by the time we got situated, grabbed lunch, and

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