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A Weekend on the Richmond VA Beer Trail

When your Saturday starts with a giant soft pretzel surrounding a mound of kielbasa and cheese, with a nice, tall hefeweizen to wash it down with, you know it’s going to be a solid weekend. I spent a weekend this past April exploring the craft beer scene in Richmond, Virginia (or #RVA, I learned, if

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My Top Pennsylvania Craft Beer Itineraries

You could hardly go online anymore without seeing headlines for “Best US City for Beer” or “Best Beer State,” and new ale trails seem to be popping up everywhere. We’re definitely in the peak of this craft beer boom that you have to be blind not to realize is going on around us, and while

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A Week in Iceland: Friday (Day 2)

If you read my Iceland itinerary , Friday was one of the two days we didn’t have already planned out.  We’d decided while out on our Thursday night bar crawl that we’d wake up early \and catch an 8:20 bus to the Reykjavik suburbs in order to hike Mt. Esja.  Our first night in Iceland was

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