Summer Plans

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I feel like it’s officially summer now.  Even though I got out of school on June 8th, last week was spent grading papers, cleaning out my classroom, and then traveling first to good old NEPA for some errands/appointments.  This weekend was spent in Philly for my sister’s graduation from Drexel.  Not a ton to report from Philly, as we mostly frequented places I’ve been multiple times, and most of Saturday was spent at a BBQ in her back yard.  I will say, if you are in Philly sometime soon, check out The West Tavern.  That is, if you like dive bars and bad karoeke.  I legitimately felt like I was back in NEPA and highly approved.

My next two weeks are pretty much plan-free (although I think I may be hosting guests in Lancaster not this weekend, but the following), but after that it starts getting pretty crazy.  I feel as though every weekend between July-Mid August is planned out.  Here’s what I’ve got in store:

  • Rafting & Camping in “Upstate” New York- My college friends and I go every year to Kittatiny Campground for a weekend of “rafting” (read: floating) and boozing without any cell reception.
  • Kayak Trip- I’m spending two weekends on the water, however the kayak trip my buddy and I have planned will not be leisurely and booze soaked (well, not the entire time).  We’re kayaking for four days through the Delaware Water Gap.  It should be pretty intense, but I’m looking forward to it.
  • Summerland Tour- 5 of the greatest/cheesiest one, two, three (or more) hit wonders that come straight from the original American Pie soundtrack.  My buddy rented a school bus to take us to Bethel Woods and back for the night.
  • Corn and Clam Slam- The Corn and Clam Slam is your typical NEPA picnic, run by a local fire company.  The beer tent contains food (corn, clams, pierogies, potatoe pancakes) and live music and is always a highlight of my summer.  It reeks of NEPA.
  • IRELAND- Easily the highlight of the summer and the trip that will most destroy my credit.  Here’s the plan

-Flying into Dublin (via Scotland, and the always glamorous Newark) and spending three days there.

-Embarking on a six day bus tour of southern Ireland.

-Taking the train to Belfast for three nights.

-Renting a car and driving out to Derry, before flying home from Belfast.

  • Peach Music Festival: Three day music festival at Montage Mountain.  I’m thinking of camping and releasing my inner hippie to watch OAR, Allman Brothers, and Zac Brown Band take the stage.

If I have time I’d like to squeeze in:

  • An AC Trip- only because my Dad recently told me he’s got two nights comped.
  • Lake Cayuga- For a day or night during the week.
  • Lake Placid in the summer.
  • Some beach, any beach, because the summer’s not the same without it.


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