Jetskiing NEPA


It’s currently 99 degrees in Lancaster.  It’s 10:50 in the morning.  I like hot weather, but this is borderline not ok.  I considered driving the two hours to NEPA for some pool action, but my mother informed me it is still brown.  I now will not return to NEPA until I hear reports of crystal clear water in our back yard.

I found out last summer that you can still have beach inspired fun in very unbeachlike NEPA.  I realize that if you live on a lake, you’re the exception here, but I associate jetskies with the beach and was happy to find that there is a location in Lake Wallenpaupack that rents them.

Rubber Duckie Boat Rentals  is a small family run boat rental shop that rents jetskies for either $75 for a half hour or $110 per hour.  It does seem pricey, but you could fit two people on each craft, and if it’s not something you do everyday, you should be fine.  It is the only place on the lake that rents jet skies, and I’m pretty sure in all of NEPA (I had a jet ski craving last summer and did quite a bit of research).

They do confine you to a specific tract of lake, but that tract is large and has more than enough room to drive around.  Lake Wallenpaupack really is a gorgeous body of water, and I had a great time doing this last year.

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