Getting Loved up at Lake Wallenpaupack

Amazing, sexy, romantic.
Amazing, sexy, romantic.

It always cracks me up that the Poconos used  to be (still are?) a major honeymoon destination. This is no offense to the Poconos, which in its defense is a super gorgeous area, it’s just that romance is not something I typically associate with NEPA. I associate it with pierogies and polka music and Parade Day, which actually might be romantic for some people (note: if those things get you going, call me, you might be my dream date).

Nevertheless, for years, the Poconos were synonymous with newly wedded bliss and romantic passion. The area used to be (more) dotted with large couples only resorts. Caesar’s (of Atlantic City and Las Vegas fame) actually used to operate four such resorts which were famous for their heart shaped whirlpool suites and champagne glass bathtubs; romance cheese at it’s very finest (I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that they also had vibrating beds a la the first Vacation film).

I was curious (but skeptical) to see if any of these still existed so did a little research. Well, it turns out that true romance is not dead and Cove Haven Resort on the shores of Lake Wallenpaupack still caters to couples and offers both Champagne Glass baths and Heart Shaped Whirlpools. And the good news is that other romantic offerings abound. You need to read this list of ‘honeymooner” activities that includes such romantic offerings as “sliding down the hill on a tube.”

If you haven’t caught on yet, I find this whole concept hilarious. I also think it might be hilarious to book one of these “honeymoon fantasy rooms” just for the story. If you have a significant other, do it for the weekend, just keeping in mind that it’ll probably be more funny than sexy. And if you like me, are perpetually single and lonely grab a friend and make them be your “romantic partner” or else go solo as this reporter from the Denver Post did.

All joking aside, Lake Wallenpaupack does make an easy an affordable weekend getaway. There’s plenty of hotels in the area and another popular option is to rent a house through  Most lakeside resorts offer all sorts of outdoor activity options and if you visit during the summer months, Wallenpaupack is one of the only places in Pennsylvania where you could rent jet skis.  If you’re up in the winter, try a dog sled ride or cross country skiing. Camelback Mountain, Scranton , Jim Thorpe, and Bushkill Falls would all make easy day trips, although if you’re going to be traveling to Lake Wallenpaupack, you’ll probably want to do some sort of lake-centric activity.

My suggestion?

A sun-set booze cruise.  It gets you out on the water, has the potential for romance and is intrinsically North Eastern Pennsylvanian. Need proof? Lake Wallenpaupack booze cruises were immortalized in The Office episode of the same name, which fans will remember as not only being one of the funniest episodes, but also the episode where Jim first vocalizing  his love for Pam. It also brings to you this amazing clip of Michael Scott breaking it down.

This might actually be the factor that convinces me that the Poconos really are romantic. I don’t know about you, but if Pennsylvania has to have a romantic legacy, I’d pick the timeless love story of Jim Halpert and Pam Beesley over heart shaped whirlpools everytime. That doesn’t make me roll my eyes. Not at all.

Sophisticated romance or bad 80's porn?
Sophisticated romance or bad 80’s porn?

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