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Kittatiny Canoe Rafting & Camping: Literally the Easiest Trip To Plan & Execute

Whenever I tell people that my friends and I have an annual camping/rafting trip to New York, the reactions are usually somewhere along the lines of “wow you guys are hardcore” or “I’d never be able to rough it for a weekend and do whitewater.”  Occasionally I let whoever I’m talking to think I’m some backwoods

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Summer Plans

I feel like it’s officially summer now.  Even though I got out of school on June 8th, last week was spent grading papers, cleaning out my classroom, and then traveling first to good old NEPA for some errands/appointments.  This weekend was spent in Philly for my sister’s graduation from Drexel.  Not a ton to report

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Summerland Tour at Bethel Woods

Have you heard of the Summerland Tour yet?   I’d been vaguely aware of it’s existence for some time; essentially it’s a group of quintessential 90’s musicians going on tour together.  I remember someone telling me about excitedly, how it would basically be the soundtrack to my 5th and 6th grade years, but that tickets cost upwards of $80.00. 

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