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Weekly Check In-Passing Up Some Weekend Fun for a Friday at Home

Once a month or so I have to work on a Saturday or Sunday. It’s not ideal, but it does result in getting a random day off during the week which I’ve really come to look forward to. I’ve had some really good day trips on these random weekdays, and so now when I get

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A Whirlwind Tour of the Jersey Shore

I spent this past weekend in NYC (or more accurately, Jersey City, with one night out in NYC) which didn’t give me a lot to write about (which is completely fine).  I mean, I had a great time (and might possibly still be hungover-4am last calls are not your friend at age 28) but it was much more

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Kittatiny Canoe Rafting & Camping: Literally the Easiest Trip To Plan & Execute

Whenever I tell people that my friends and I have an annual camping/rafting trip to New York, the reactions are usually somewhere along the lines of “wow you guys are hardcore” or “I’d never be able to rough it for a weekend and do whitewater.”  Occasionally I let whoever I’m talking to think I’m some backwoods

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