4th of July Week in Pictures…Very Limited Pictures

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As noted in my previous post, I was camping in upstate New York over the 4th of July Weekend (I’m actually not sure whether last weekend or the weekend prior was considered the “4th weekend”, but just go with it).

I went in with the intention of taking alot of photographs, especially on the drive between Narrowsburg, NY and the campground, which follows the Delaware for about nine miles.  However I proved to myself once again why my blog is based on writing and not photography (and why I download half my pictures from the internet): I’m terrible at taking pictures.

On the drive over we did stop once at a scenic overlook, but once we got to the campsite, I became too preoccupied with what was going on to be of any use.   It didn’t help that we had no service, so my phone stayed firmly ensconsed in my glove compartment for most of the trip.

Here’s the very limited selection of what I was able to pull off.  As always, our trip to Kittatiny was a great succes.  I’d share some stories, but alot of alcohol was consumed and I doubt my friends want that information made public.  Most of them are professionals after all.  I will say that happiness is floating on the river on a hot day with some cold adult beverages.

Here’s my first shot, taken not on our camping adventure, but during a rainstorm at my family’s annual fourth of July party.  My uncle has a country house in the country (only about 12 miles from his house which is comical) on the farm my grandmother grew up on.  This shot was taken from his deck and features her childhood home and barn (which our family does not still own).

This next shot is of the Roebling Bridge which connects Lackawaxen, Pa to Minisink NY.  It’s one of the first suspension bridges built in the US, and was built 20 years before it’s architect created his most famous piece of work: the Brooklyn Bridge.

We took a walk in the bridge park, and here’s a shot from underneath the bridge.

Myself and one other car of friends arrived at the campsite early to set up.  Here’s what we accomplished before the heat drove us to spend the remainder of the afternoon sitting in the river with a cooler waiting for others to arrive.

A waterside park in Narrowsburg, NY we found on our ride home Sunday.

A welcome back to the motherland.




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