Traveling With a Picky Eater

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I’m going for a three day kayaking trip starting Thursday.  Real kayaking.  We’ll actually be paddling, and camping for three nights.  I’m used to camping.  I go camping several times a year and just went this past weekend.  The difference is that everytime I go camping, I’m able to pack my entire car.  For this weekend everything we require needs to fit on two kayaks.  I didn’t think this would be a problem until I realized that includes food.

I texted my friend Eric today, with whom I’m going, and asked what we’d be doing about that situation.  He replied that our eating situation would have to include things that didn’t need to be cooked, which I was fine with, until I realized he meant things that need to be cooked, but don’t require a cooler.  My Subway plan is out.

He’s bringing dri-freezed camping meals, granola bars, cereal beef jerky, and beer.  He recommended I follow suit.

Here’s the part where I let you know that the picky eater referred to in this post’s title is me.  I have a list of things/combinations of things I won’t eat.  I won’t bore you with it, but it includes such normal things as hot vegetables (except for corn on the cob), anything with gravy (Thanksgiving Dinner is my least favorite eating holiday of the year), and soup.  I know, I’m weird.  I’m also pretty much a certified carnivore.  Most of my diet (as well as my favorite foods) includes meat, dairy, and eggs (which doesn’t bode well for the non-refridgeration issue).   I’ve been trying to expand my repetoire, but it’s a slow process.  The dri-freezed camping meals, I’ll give them a whirl.  I bought a few today.  I also stocked up on Cliff Bars, and cereal, which I like, and clearly I’m ok with beer.  My main problem will be the lack of meat and dairy.  No milk or meat will bother me (and jerky has a high spot on my “will not eat list”).

My other problem is that I eat alot.  Like, every two hours.  It’s borderline gross.

Despite all this, I’m still very excited for this trip.  I just figured I’d share this issue that I just realized I had today.

This also has me worrying about Ireland.  I’ll have to look up the culinary situation there, but I’m postiive if you looked up “Americanized Eater” in the dictionary, you’d find my face.

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