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Lake Placid in Photos

I’ve written about Lake Placid countless of times before. It’s definitely my favorite winter getaways, and probably my favorite repeat trip, just because there’s always something new to do, the town itself is so much fun to go out in, and the Adirondacks are so stupidly picturesque. I considered not even writing any posts about

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Adirondacks in the Summer & My Second High Peak

I’ve been doing great this summer with actually doing the things I say I’m going to do. Case in point: I managed to finally make it up to Lake Placid during the summer, which I’ve been threatening since going up there for the first time four years ago. I had a weekend off this past August,

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Heading North

I’m gearing up for a Brothwell family “winter-fun” trip to Lake Placid this weekend and hoping global warming doesn’t royally screw up our plans. I love the idea of a ski trip.   I like the whole ski-town atmosphere.  I like winter sports, and I love bar hopping in the snow.  Unfortunately I do not downhill

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